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Newline Behavioral Solutions

Dedicated To Bettering The Lives Of Families Of Children With Special Needs.

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Home-Based ABA Therapy

Home-based ABA therapy provided in a child’s natural home environment facilitates learning of skills in the environment in which the child will be most often.


School Collaboration

Throughout the process, we are continually collaborating with your child’s team of therapeutic and academic professionals.

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Parent Training

We work with parents and caregivers to equip them with the right ABA tools and techniques to reduce problem behaviors and to teach new skills.

About Us

Newline Behavioral Solutions is a team of professionals that have dedicated their lives to bettering the lives of families of children with special needs. We specialize in autism, though we are skilled at treating all children that have behavioral issues or deficits in the area of socialization, language, and play.

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What Separates Us From Other ABA Providers?

During initial contact, you will discuss, with our qualified professional, the needs of your child and the goals you’re hoping to achieve through ABA therapy. The next step involves meeting with one of our highly qualified BCBAs. Your assigned BCBA will conduct necessary assessments in order to develop your child’s individualized treatment program and will determine the appropriate number of therapy hours needed. From there, therapy will begin shortly thereafter. The programming put in place by your assigned BCBA is run and data will be collected during each therapy session. Data is monitored by the BCBA and modifications are made accordingly. Your assigned BCBA will be meeting with your child’s therapist(s) and you on a weekly basis. You will be given online access to your child’s data, therapy related documents, and programming implemented in order to monitor his or her progress.

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